Meet Bunkr

Meet Bunkr


Now a days is all about working on the cloud, meaning you don’t need a computer and a license of a software installed on a machine to work. So far there are many great tools to help you with your everyday office tasks. I personally use Google Docs for word documents and spreadsheets. I even got my family to start using them more and more. We were still missing a great tool to help us create good presentations on the go, the best “cloud” tool I’ve used so far for this, was Keynote from Apple. But it still required some effort to get content to the slides.

Bunkr is a new tool (at least for me it is) in which you can create awesome presentations. The killer feature of this app is the way you can collect content from the web and easily add it to a folder or collection. So when the editing of a presentation begins, you have an awesome way of just dragging and dropping content from your collection. This is awesome. I think this is just a beginning, but it looks promising.


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